About Me

My name is Sara Mathieson and I am a photographer and dancer born and raised in the Sutherland Shire. Currently, I can be found capturing a beautiful sunrise on the Cronulla beaches.

Everything involving photography has been my passion since 2012. I was introduced to my first Canon EOS M camera on Christmas morning, it was the only present I wanted.

My father always loved to take photographs when I was little to preserve memories of every occasion and it seems that he passed that love of capturing moments onto me. I haven’t been able to stop taking photos since that day and nor do I want to.

Why Photography?

I love creative resonance. It’s like a drug.

Photography is where I find that for my life. I love what I do. I love making photographs that create that a shining moment of connection.

I’m inspired by raw instances, the concept of fun, moments of aspiration, and cultural diversities.

With no entourage or precious behaviour, just an extremely keen eye and genuine enthusiasm for getting the most out of each and every shoot, I have developed my own recognisable style.


Zero 8

With Zero 8 Photography on the scene, you won’t just see the images of those precious, once-in-a-lifetime moments-you’ll relive them all over again.

This company is not just about putting a view finder to an eye and pressing the capture button, it is about creating a photo that is unlike no other.

Like my taste in music my work can be rather eclectic, so no matter what your next project is I’m always willing to listen.